Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sissy that Walk - Chonilla Podcast!

I had the glorious opportunity to join podcast hosts Sherley and Clove on The Chonilla Network, as a special guest!!!! These two sponsors have been so supportive throughout my campagin!

Take a listen to this 1 hour long radio show aired Friday May 23rd, 2014:
There are some amazing highlights throughout the show:

  •  Mentioned aspects of the Black Canadian Awards and beauty pageant (at beginning and 54:40 min mark)
  • Congratulations to The Chonilla Network Podcast on their 4 year anniversary!!! 
  • I answer pageant-style interview questions from the hosts #ohmynerves
  • Discussion on "if you could meet anyone for dinner who would it be?" Maya Angelou (interestingly enough this aired a few days before she passed! RIP, such a wise woman) at 30min mark

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