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Employment Solutions and Resources for Today’s Black Woman in Saskatoon, SK

Saskatoon is found in the heart of Canada and is home to over 260,000 residents, over 5,000 of those residents comprise of members within the Black community. 

Although there are some long-term Black residents across Saskatchewan, many are first and second generation immigrants from African and Caribbean countries, migrating throughout the past 40 years. 

Barriers towards employment can be challenging for newcomers due to limited networks and also the struggles to have international credentials assessed and recognized here in Canada. My sponsors from the Immigrant Access Fund and YWCA Saskatoon's Employment and Learning Centre department, are included in an informative video to address this complicated issue and the solutions that benefit the Black community through non-profit programming. 

In order to gain strong generational leadership and aspire to a better life and success for families, secure employment and entrepreneurship opportunities are necessary.  
From what I have gathered of the Black Canadians Media Group and the Black Canadian Queen Pageant material, the ideal contestant is a visionary within her regional community and will expand her influence into the greater Canadian context. These are the same values, I also support and demonstrate within all aspects of my professional and personal life.

If chosen as the title-holder for Black Canadian Queen 2014, I can continue to serve the Black community regarding the importance of professional excellence and highlight the continued successes of “Today’s Black Woman”.  

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